Privacy Policy

1. NOHÔ Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to the NOHÔ website and application. It complements the Terms of Use available at the following address:… in order to detail to users:

– the way in which their personal data is collected and processed.

– their rights concerning this data.

In the event of a doubt on the interpretation of this policy, it is advisable to refer to the Terms of Use which are the only valid document. The privacy policy is in accordance with the provisions of article 5 of the European regulation 2016/679 for personal data protection. By signing up on NOHÔ, the user certifies that they have read and understood this privacy policy and accepts its conditions, in particular with regard to the collection and processing of their personal data.

2. What personal data of mine is collected and processed by NOHÔ or sent to third parties?

The personal data collected by NOHÔ includes :

– The information that you enter when registering on the platform and later on when you complete your profile.

– The information collected from third-party sources via social media, when you have authorized it.

– The technical information associated with your browsing on the website.

In the context of the NOHÔ application, the GUESTRAVELER company collects personal data relating to users of the platform with the aim of putting users in contact around shares and to execute the accordingly concluded contracts. The data collected is not processed for other purposes.
When you browse on NOHÔ, some of your personal data may be sent to external service providers ensuring a service on our behalf. This is notably the case for payment services. Nevertheless, we have ensured that your data does not leave the territory of the European Union.

3. For how long is my data kept?

Your data is kept as long as your account is active. When you delete your account, we keep your data for a year in order to be able to meet our legal and regulatory obligations.

4. Who do I contact to get information on the processing of personal data or to exercise my rights?

To ask all your questions relating to personal data and the exercising of your rights, there is a single point of contact:
Confirmation of receipt will be sent automatically to any request: ensure you have received it to be certain that your request has reached us.

5. What are my rights in terms of personal data?

In accordance with the regulations in terms of personal data, you can exercise the following rights:

– The right to access, rectification and erasure of your data; you can also, at any time, review, update, modify or request the deletion of data concerning you.

– The right to the portability of your data: you can request for your data held by NOHÔ to be transferred to another site.

– The right to limitation and opposition in the processing of your data: you can request for the processing of your data to be limited by the website or oppose this processing except in particular cases.

6. How do I exercise my rights?

Any requests must be sent to specifying your surnames, first names and the email address of your account, as well as the subject of your request. A copy of your identity document must be attached to your email so that the request can be considered as valid.

We will therefore send you an automatic acknowledgement of receipt then provide you with a response within thirty days maximum